Welcome to the LampHouse Films Blog!

Welcome to the LampHouse Films Blog!

LampHouse Films is all about telling great stories, in the most beautiful and compelling ways possible. As storytellers, we realized quickly that we needed a platform to share our ongoing, ever changing story – with you! Specifically you. It’s nice to meet you!


LampHouse Films is Josh Henry (left) and Michael Schmucker (right). We’re two storytellers, firmly in the do-it-yourself school of filmmaking. We shoot, edit, animate, color grade, rotoscope. Honestly we do too much for our own sanity sometimes. But we love every second of it!

We’re a young, but growing company. We currently work mainly on all sorts of commercial projects for local businesses and non-profits. However, we try to approach every project as cinematically as possible. A strong and compelling story is key, and we try to find the story in everything we do. We often say our goal is to kill the notion of the “local commercial.” (Seriously, why are they all so terrible?)

Beyond commercial work, our true passion is narrative & documentary work. We have a lot of plans for this in the future, and you’ll see it all unfold right here! Thanks for reading, friend.

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