Here's What's in Development at LampHouse Films

INTWARI: Guardian, Burden-Bearer, Hero

Documentary in Post Production, seeking distribution.

A documentary film about one survivor of the Rwandan genocide… and what happens after the news cameras stopped rolling. This film takes a long perspective, as we see the aftermath of trauma over the course of a many years.

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Facing The Wild

Feature Film seeking Sales Agent, Funding, & Co-Producers.

Facing The Wild is a feature length, family-friendly survival adventure drama. Lost in the wilderness, a boy and his dog must find their way back home, while overcoming loss and learning to love again.

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Carry Me Home

Completed Short Film seeking Television Distribution.

Carry Me Home is an award winning historical narrative short film. In the cold winter of 1860 America, a young mother trapped in slavery seizes the opportunity to escape with her family on the Underground Railroad, after encountering Harriet Tubman in the woods.

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We Produce Feature Films & Documentaries.

LampHouse Films is actively seeking industry partners for our development slate, including sales agents, financiers, & distributors. Based in Pennsylvania, with its generous 25% Film Tax Credit, LampHouse Films is well connected to affordable, high quality, talented, and efficient film personnel who are ready and willing to work. We’re also very open to co-productions, and would love to meet!

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