Handing Down

"Everybody's version of the good life looks a little different. With the Founders Card from PSECU... you're free to focus on the things that are important to you."

This film is one in a series for PSECU. As one of Pennsylvania’s largest credit unions, PSECU needs to stay in the public consciousness through widespread advertising. To advertise for the PSECU Founders Card, they turned to LampHouse Films to help craft a campaign.

LampHouse Films worked with PSECU to develop an intertwining and complimentary series of micro-stories that highlight key moments in our lives. The ultimate goal is to show how the Founders Card can help you focus on those precious moments, while tugging on the heart strings of the viewer through authentic storytelling.

The film above, “Handing Down,” is one of three stories in the series, that culminate in a longer :30 second ad that intertwines all three storylines. LampHouse also produced extended :30 second cuts of the individual stories, six sharable social media clips, and three radio spots, totaling in 15 deliverable pieces of media for the Founders Card Campaign alone. You can see the rest of the series on our blog, at the link below!

LampHouse designs film-centered campaigns that turn brands into icons and ideas into movements. Schedule a free consultation to find out what film can do to grow your business. 

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