Getting Your Priorities Straight

Beyond Videography

Looking For A Videographer?

Whether you’re holding an event that you want to remember, or releasing a product that you want to promote, chances are you’re looking into videographers to help you out. Good call. A videographer can preserve a precious memory forever, or spell the difference between success and failure for a marketing plan.

But choosing a professional videographer takes more than typing “videographer near me” and calling it a day. Before even starting a video production, there are a few things to consider.


What Are Your Goals?

The video services you’ll need depends on what you want to accomplish.

Maybe you need to capture a moment, or promote a product, or change people’s minds. Maybe you need a videographer for just yourself and your family, or you want a video production company that can help you go viral worldwide.

Before deciding on what type of videography services you need, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want your video to accomplish. We find that our most successful clients are the ones who have a clear roadmap for what success is, before figuring out the smaller steps of how to get there.


When You Need A Videographer… And When You Need More

Maybe you have some footage, and you just need some video editing. Maybe you have all the other resources, and you just need to hire someone to do drone videography. Those are the kind of gun-for-hire local videographers you can hire at videographer prices to do…well, videography. That’s great when the situation calls for it, but we believe that so much more is possible.

We advocate for filmmaking, instead of videography. It might seem like a subtle difference, but we think it’s important. Setting a creative vision and achieving it through storytelling and planned, intentional videography production is entirely different from the run-and-gun methods that “videography” brings to mind.

Thinking of ourselves as filmmakers, rather than as a videography company, is an important first step toward the kind of powerful pieces we work to produce.

Videography has the power to inform, and even entertain. But films change us.

Why We Love Filmmaking

If you see a filmmaker out on the street next to a videographer, you might not be able to tell the difference. They both wield cameras and they both have pockets bulging with lenses. But the way we approach our craft is completely different.

A videographer records and edits. They’re a technical craftsperson. And the best videographers are amazing at it. We just want to be a little more.

A filmmaker goes in with a roadmap, a story that everything captured must be in service of. A filmmaker isn’t just recording something, they’re making something. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, and keeps us working hard every day – the chance to do more than watch the world go by and point our cameras at it – the chance to intentionally create something that serves a purpose.


A New Approach To Videography

Everyone knows that content increasingly runs on video. But you don’t just need any video.

You need more than that.


They say content is king. In some ways that’s true, because the internet runs on clicks, and those who provide content get clicks. Promo videography is great at packaging up content and delivering it in ways that internet attention spans can handle.

But we believe in appealing to something deeper than the one-size-fits-all internet explainer video companies can provide. We believe that story is king, like Pixar always said, not content.

We believe that if you want to make a quick dollar, you can fill someone’s head with info. But if you want to create a lasting bond with someone, you have to touch their heart, and you can’t do that with just videography. You do that with storytelling.

We believe in using the tools of filmmaking to tell your story to the world. That’s why we like to think of what we produce as films, instead of videos.

Videography has the power to inform, and even entertain. But films change us. The best production companies and advertisers know this, and we can all think of a film, even a promotional film, that has stuck with us. It probably told a story, it had characters you connected with, and it was made with care and craftsmanship.

So whether you hire a videographer or a filmmaker, resolve to hire the best, and create the best film possible.

Video Production That's Authentic

Audiences can tell when something is disingenuous. Jesse O’Hara at Companion Pipes clearly loves his craft, and video as a medium is uniquely able to capture this authentically.

Video Production That Inspires

Dayspring Christian Academy is a small private school, that uses video to communicate its core mission – fostering young minds to impact the world.

Video Production That Differentiates

Instead of focusing on all their products and services (like all their competitors), Rohrer’s Quarry emphasized what makes them different – it’s all about family.

Choosing The Right Video Studio

At LampHouse, you’ll hear us say we create “films” rather than video. We believe “films” captures the essence of these principles that make videos unforgettable. A video studio can boast in all the latest bells and whistles, but if they don’t have the right creative priorities, you risk creating a less engaging video. Whether with LampHouse or otherwise, we hope you partner with the right creative team that has its priorities straight.

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