Do Something Weird Until it Becomes Normal

Josh talks to Andrew Mok of the groundbreaking carsharing platform Turo about how their model works, and how they spread the word.

The Power of Listening

Andrew calls listening to your customers “Marketing 101.” This belief has allowed them to customize to match what their users needed, and to tailor their marketing to appeal to the kinds of users they knew were passionate about the platform.

Digging Deeper

  • Turo is the world’s largest car sharing marketplace
  • Turo’sUpgradecommercials are entertaining and effective at reframing the car rental discussion into a question of enjoyment
  • Andrew says “Our brand is a window into the stories of our community.” Their Instagram is full of stories of hosts using Turo to achieve their goals
  • Turo recently rolled out the Turo Seed Initiative, a startup funding program aimed at addressing income inequality in America
  • Every company should prioritize listening to their customers. You can read more about that HERE