Snyder Furniture: Inspired by Excellence

All forms of creating can inspire each other. Books can inspire music, and architecture can inspire paintings. So when we got the chance to work with Snyder’s furniture – a high-quality customizable furniture maker – we knew that the care and creativity they put into their products was going to inspire some of our best work.

But we realized we have more in common than high standards and an appreciation for excellent craftsmanship. 


Almost everyone has furniture. It’s one of the basics – things that most people wouldn’t think of going without. So it gets made cheaply, as furniture factories race to lower prices, package smaller, and appeal to a mass target market. It’s a race to the bottom, and our homes are filled with cheap pieces of furniture that don’t enrich our lives with their quality or uniqueness. 

Snyder believes that just because furniture is necessary doesn’t mean we should cut corners on it. In fact, they stand for the opposite: the things we need are the things that should be sturdy, beautiful, and personalized. If everyone’s going to sit around a table at some point in their lives, it should be an incredible experience that makes their life better.


In the digital advertising market, marketing videos are a lot like furniture. Everyone knows they need them. They’re a necessity. And so providers race to streamline their one-size-fits-all filmmaking factories and provide generic videos for the least money possible. 

In that market, we’re modeling ourselves after companies like Snyder’s – believers that just because you have to have it, doesn’t mean it should be soulless. Believers that crafting something excellent will set our clients apart. That excellence, timelessness, and beauty are worthier goals than mass-production or a quick dollar for a generic product.


If you believe, like we do, in making the world a better place by holding high standards, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s pursue excellence together.