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Web Video Production Essentials

Types of Web Video Production

Online video production is a crucial, and interesting, field of work. The way we use the internet today, video content of some kind is absolutely crucial. But what kind of web video marketing is right for your company?

Two of the most basic ways to use internet video production are website video and youtube video.


Website Video Production

These are videos that are primarily created to live on your website.

They can be explainer videos, showing what you do, which are often perfect for a tech company or any other group with an product or service that isn’t immediately understood.  

They can be company identity videos, showing who you are, what your story is, and why you’re different.

They can also be product videos, showing individual offerings your company wants to highlight.


YouTube Video Production

These are videos created to use in other places – typically as youtube ads or on social media. They raise awareness for your company, and bring in customers. They might be similar to the videos created for your website, but because they’re often the first place your potential customers encounter your brand, they might be a little different.

Great Youtube ads use the tools of filmmaking to position your brand in people’s minds: storytelling, striking visuals, and humor.

These videos can set your company or product up as the solution to a problem.

They can also position you positively in viewer’s minds through “lifestyle marketing” – associating your brand with a scene or story that customers will remember.

A Youtube video should capture and hold viewers’ interest immediately and never let go. Making your voice heard on a crowded Youtube page is like trying to get everyone’s attention at a packed holiday dinner table. You have to be engaging and, you have to provide something in exchange for their attention, whether it’s a laugh, a deep thought, or a product that will solve all their problems. You have to pass the potatoes.

Investing in web video production services is a big step. It can make all the difference for your brand.

Your Branding Should Be Your Branding

If you’re investing in online video services, one of the most important things is producing videos that communicate your values and personality and intangibles accurately.

If your company is a free-wheeling startup that creates trampolines for kittens, a straight-laced talking-head video that presents your value propositions in bullet point form probably isn’t the video you need.

Likewise, if you’re a suit-wearing hedge-fund manager whose clients need to trust that you’ll take their investments seriously, you probably don’t need a series of comedy sketches about high jinks in the office.


Working With A Web Video Production Company

Creating videos is one of the most collaborative processes out there, and like any collaborative job, the most important ingredient is trust. You need a filmmaker that you trust to create the perfect videos that fulfill your objectives. You also need to feel trusted by the filmmakers you’re working with – that you know your company and understand its needs. You never want to feel as though you’re being forced into their process.

It should be a true collaboration between creative partners.


Finding An Online Video Producer

Investing in web video production services is a big step. It can make all the difference for your brand. But visiting dozens of film production websites is overwhelming. Here are a few tips for finding the web video producer that’s the perfect fit for your brand.

  1. Watch their videos. The tone and style of the videos you need might be totally different, but are their previous productions at a quality level that you’d be proud to have associated with your brand?
  2. Talk to them. Remember, good collaborators are good listeners, not just good talkers. You should feel confident that they hear and understand your hopes and concerns for the project.
  3. Listen to them. Does their plan for your videos fit with your goals and your brand? If they don’t understand who you are and what you need to accomplish, it’s probably not a good fit.


Love The Process

The best online video companies are are passionate about the power of film, and you can be, too. It’s an incredibly rewarding process, full of creative challenges, and the chance to give your brand a solid public image.

With video web marketing, you can tell the world who you are. You can claim a place in their memories.

So enjoy the process.

Video Production That's Authentic

Audiences can tell when something is disingenuous. Jesse O’Hara at Companion Pipes clearly loves his craft, and video as a medium is uniquely able to capture this authentically.

Video Production That Inspires

Dayspring Christian Academy is a small private school, that uses video to communicate its core mission – fostering young minds to impact the world.

Video Production That Differentiates

Instead of focusing on all their products and services (like all their competitors), Rohrer’s Quarry emphasized what makes them different – it’s all about family.

Choosing The Right Video Studio

At LampHouse, you’ll hear us say we create “films” rather than video. We believe “films” captures the essence of these principles that make videos unforgettable. A video studio can boast in all the latest bells and whistles, but if they don’t have the right creative priorities, you risk creating a less engaging video. Whether with LampHouse or otherwise, we hope you partner with the right creative team that has its priorities straight.

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