Getting Your Priorities Straight

What's Wrong With Local TV Commercials

We’ve All Seen Local TV Commercials

Imagine it’s 1986. You’re watching TV on a set as deep as it is wide. A commercial break begins, and you realize that the man onscreen is your local used car dealer, walking from car to car in his plaid suit, slapping hoods and, for some reason, shouting instead of talking. Clip art graphics whirl around him.

Back then, that was enough. Just having a TV commercial production at all made that guy a hotshot. You probably bought a station wagon from him.

The Game Has Changed

Today’s technology means that world class quality isn’t just for Hollywood anymore – it’s available to anyone. Production companies outside of Los Angeles are making videos that look just as good as anything on the big screen. That’s fantastic, but it also means that today’s viewers expect a lot. They can tell the difference between an artfully crafted promotional film and a path-of-least-resistance advertising video production.

You can probably think of at least one example of each. Chances are, the positive examples coming to your mind share a few traits that the best video advertising companies prioritize:

  • It was a story. This is the most important thing. Stories don’t have to be complicated. They don’t have to be long. But they do have to contain human moments that make us feel something.
  • It had characters. This doesn’t just mean that there were people onscreen. It means that there were interesting, distinct, people (or dogs or cats or robots) that we knew better at the end than we did at the beginning.
  • It looked good. Film is a visual medium, so this should go without saying, but a cinematography-focused, technically skilled advertising video production company understands that great images stay with people longer than words.

So, you don’t want a poor quality video. But you do need a video. This isn’t a reason to give up on video. Since online video marketing is taking over, just about everybody needs some kind of production services. It’s a no-brainer. You need a video to introduce yourself, explain what you do, and catch people’s eyes. It’s a must-have in the age of video content.

It’s impossible to fake passion.

How To Choose Between TV Commercial Production Companies

Make sure you look for video production companies with a great understanding of those three crucial elements: story, character, and visual. They should be excited about working with your company and believe in what you’re all about, because it’s impossible to fake passion.

They should work hard to craft a unique film for your needs, not run your video through an assembly line or assemble it from some kind of recipe.

Most importantly, they should make films that you want to watch over and over. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, and for tv or web commercial video production, the proof is in the commercials themselves. So watch the commercials they’ve made, and notice how they make you feel.

Choose excellence in commercial production, just like you do in every other facet of your business. You won’t regret it.

Video Production That's Authentic

Audiences can tell when something is disingenuous. Jesse O’Hara at Companion Pipes clearly loves his craft, and video as a medium is uniquely able to capture this authentically.

Video Production That Inspires

Dayspring Christian Academy is a small private school, that uses video to communicate its core mission – fostering young minds to impact the world.

Video Production That Differentiates

Instead of focusing on all their products and services (like all their competitors), Rohrer’s Quarry emphasized what makes them different – it’s all about family.

Choosing The Right Video Studio

At LampHouse, you’ll hear us say we create “films” rather than video. We believe “films” captures the essence of these principles that make videos unforgettable. A video studio can boast in all the latest bells and whistles, but if they don’t have the right creative priorities, you risk creating a less engaging video. Whether with LampHouse or otherwise, we hope you partner with the right creative team that has its priorities straight.

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