Advertising Investing to Everyone, with Katie Perry

In our newest show, Josh talks to Katie Perry of Public, a quickly-growing investing app you’ve either already heard a lot about, or you’re going to. It’s one of our favorite conversations yet.

Investing, Like Advertising, Should Be For The People

We’re passionate about making quality films that feel accessible to everyone, that invite everyone in instead of creating barriers of entry to products or communities.

This is what Public does for investing. For a long time, investing was inaccessible for the majority of people. You needed to know how. Often you needed to live in the right places. Most of all, you needed a lot of money. Micro-investing apps are changing that. You can invest 10c right now, if you want to. That’s progress. 

What most traditional investors had, though, was a community of investors around them, providing knowledge and advice about industries they understood. Public is the first micro-investing app to provide that community, combining social media with investing so that new investors can benefit from seeing what the community is putting their money in, and why.

More of a podcast person? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Take a listen here.

Digging Deeper

  • Public is a new social investing app aiming to make investing accessible for everyone. You can learn more about it HERE
  • Katie discusses their new Ticker Tees. You can see those HERE
  • It’s a strange year for investing, but as Katie mentions, a lot of people are doing very well. You can read some tips for investing during a pandemic HERE
  • Public made it onto THIS list of five best micro-investing apps