High Quality Social Media Marketing With James Gregson of LEGO

The Company We All Love Markets In Ways We Can All Get Behind

LEGO has always been about quality, never settling for cheap toy construction or other easy outs, always investing in the long term. So it’s no surprise that their ads are high quality, entertaining and watchable. Even more important, they’re focused on giving back to their customers in a difficult time.

Josh discusses LEGO’s marketing philosophy, especially their use of social media marketing, in this great conversation with James Gregson.

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Digging Deeper

  • LEGO has been using Pinterest to keep children (and adults!) entertained in lockdown. You can visit their Pinterest HERE
  • LEGO’s social media maintains a difficult high volume/high quality presence. Besides Pinterest, you can follow them on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER
  • The Coronavirus has had a major effect on B2C commerce around the globe. You can read more about that impact HERE
  • We always push for quality in every kind of advertising. You can read more about the importance of quality over quantity in social media marketing HERE