Broaden Your Definition of Marketing with Brad Murphy of Woodstream

If you’ve done any pest control, whether mice, bugs, or something bigger, the chances are good you’ve used Woodstream products. They’re the industry standard because of their quality, and also because of their consistent, reliable branding.

In this episode, we discussed marketing strategies with Brad, the Senior Vice President of Digital Sales and Support at Woodstream.

Sell Things People Like, and Market Them In Ways People Respond To

Even the best marketing plan can’t stand on its own. It’s just how you spread the word. If your product isn’t excellent, or if your customer service doesn’t satisfy the consumer, all the marketing in the world won’t help you build a lasting brand.

Woodstream’s marketing tips include scouring online reviews to learn what’s important to customers in their industry, and not just the positive customer reviews – the complaints as well. Their strategy also includes meeting customers where they are with social media marketing, and advertising on Amazon. They also emphasize a customer response strategy and excellent customer service training, to make sure they’re always accessible to their customers.

Digging Deeper

  • Woodstream Corporation is made up of many industry leading brands, including:
    • Victor, a rodent trap brand
    • Terro, a bug control brand
    • Safer, a certified organic pest control and garden brand
    • Havahard, a livetrap brand
    • Perky-Pet, a birdfeeder brand
    • Zareba, an electric fence brand
  • We’ve been working with Woodstream brands for years, and it’s been one of our favorite partnerships. You can see a film we made for Zareba HERE, and one for Terro HERE
  • The pandemic has accelerated the shift to e-commerce by five years. You can read about that HERE
  • Customer reviews are crucial for understanding what they value about a product. You can read more about that HERE
  • Responsive customer service has never been more important. You can learn 7 ways to be more responsive HERE