Introducing: Marketing Conversations with LampHouse Films!

Our New Podcast

We love a lot of things about what we do. One of them is all the interactions we get to have with marketing pros in countless different industries. Their insights inspire and inform our work, and collaborating with them is always a pleasure.

Our goal is to help companies create excellent campaigns that tell great stories and look amazing. We do that with our films, but we realized we could also do it by sharing the collected wisdom of great marketers.

We want to share the kinds of insight we get to hear on a daily basis with others. We want marketers to be able to learn from each other. We want the small companies to have the benefit of the collected knowledge of the established players. And we want the big companies to have access to the energy and creativity of the boutiques. 

We want to help everyone to market smarter, better, and more honestly. Because when they do, we all win.

The Conversations

From the head of The Lego Group’s Social Studio to local business-owners, we’ve been able to talk about the finer points of marketing with an incredible collection of generous marketing pros. Each episode is a free-flowing discussion aimed at learning from what they’re doing that works.

We talk about their marketing philosophies as well as focusing on specific campaigns, the why of marketing as well as the how.

Each episode is as different as the companies they represent. But we believe you’ll enjoy each and every one.


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