Marketing Conversations Episode 1: Morgan Hirsh of Public Goods

In our first show, we talk marketing videos with Morgan Hirsh, the founder and CEO of Public Goods. Their story of adapting their advertising to fit the constraints of suddenly changing rules should inspire any marketer.

We also discuss working from home, a topic we’re probably all familiar with.

Digging Deeper

  • Public Goods sells necessities in a simple way that’s good for the planet. You can learn more HERE
  • You can watch an example of Public Goods’ post-bleep-video advertising HERE
  • You can watch Morgan’s original Public Goods explainer video HERE
  • For more info on Public Goods, visit their blog, a wealth of info in everything from health and lifestyle topics like coffee hacks and sulfates in shampoo to important topics like climate change and conversations about racism
  • Price gouging has been an issue for months, affecting both consumers and honest businesses. Back in April, Forbes shared THIS guide to avoiding price gouging
  • Our ideas about remote working are changing. Global Workplace Analytics says more about that HERE