PSECU Founders Card: Crafting a Film Series

Making one film is a creative challenge. Making a series of films with the same tone, look, and spirit is a creative feat.

The characters and stories in our PSECU Founder’s Card Films are different, but the universe is the same. The tone, look, and emotions are the same. How did we tackle making multiple films that are different, but the same, that hit the same themes in varied ways?

Here are some the things we figured out.

Know Your Client

We were lucky to be working with PSECU – a credit union in our area. They’ve put a lot of energy into understanding who they are and what they stand for. They’re committed to quality, and to enriching lives wherever they can.

So the first step was making sure each film was consistent with PSECU’s brand, and once they were, they were well on their way to being consistent with each other.

“Know your client” is good advice for any project, but especially when a consistent theme across multiple projects is the goal.

What’s The Story?

Each of these films is, in a way, about the same thing. We designed this campaign to be all about the good life. But not some cookie-cutter good life out of a catalogue. We wanted to talk about how the good life is different for every person, but it’s always about prioritizing the important things.

Once we knew that was the story we wanted to tell, the consistent theme was set. We chose three different ways to tell that story: A mother and son discovering music together, a daughter traveling home to see her family, and a young couple telling their parents they’re expecting.

Working Backwards

By starting with the brand we wanted to represent, and then narrowing down to the themes we wanted to hit, and finally choosing the kinds of scenes that told those stories, we were able to create multiple films that feel the same, and most importantly, feel like PSECU’s brand.

On Set

Of course, all the great concepts in the world mean nothing without execution. On set, and in the edit bay, is where it all comes together.

Our amazing team brought these stories to life, turning words on the page into exactly the films we hoped they would be.
Seeing people collaborate to tell a meaningful story is our version of the good life. We hope you enjoy the result.

We’re lucky to have many repeat collaborators who love and understand film, who are creative powerhouses, who challenge us but respect our process. They make us better and we believe we make them excellent films.

Handing Down

Travel Plans

Handing Down