Filming a Metaphor: PSECU’s Visa Balance Transfer

Our last series of films for PSECU promoted their Founder’s Card, which lent itself to simple, touching stories. We were able to show the Founder’s Card in everyday situations, being used to improve people’s lives.

This series was a little more challenging – raising awareness for PSECU’s Visa Balance Transfer. The concept is simple – consolidate your credit cards into one low-interest account – but doesn’t come with the same kind of built-in visual appeal that the credit card itself does.

So we had to get a little more creative.

Building a Metaphor

We built on the good life theme of the previous films with a new tagline:

The good life is a simplified life.

We decided to compare decluttering your financial life to minimizing your belongings. We brainstormed three situations – a young couple moving into their new home, a father and daughter trying to work on their car in a packed garage, and a woman with an overflowing closet – and used the visuals of those overwhelming situations as a comparison to the confusion of juggling multiple credit cards.

These visually striking stories work as a great metaphor for the problem PSECU solves. We hope that next time viewers are sorting through their various credit card statements, the mental image of an overflowing closet springs to mind.

Filming Chaos and Order

Over three days of shooting, our team and talent created, and then organized, beautiful collections of chaos.

The set design of these spots, combined with the perfect moments of realization and determination delivered by the casts, turned a metaphor into a story.

We hope you enjoy them.