The Art & Science of Marketing

In the most recent episode of Marketing Conversations with Lamphouse Films, Josh talks to Dipti Kachru of JPMorgan Wealth Management about her experience marketing that brand, and the art of segmenting a brand.

The Business, Art, and Science of Branding

Marketing is the joining of different skill sets. It requires business savvy, creativity, and a mind for data and patterns. The joy and challenge of marketing is understanding and embracing all three, and Dipti is a prime example of someone who can converse in all the skills it takes to build a lasting brand.

Digging Deeper

  • JP Morgan Wealth Management is the financial giant’s personal wealth management branch
  • Dipti talks about marketing as a blend of art and science. You can read more about that idea HERE
  • The days of single-channel marketing are gone. You can read more about multi-channel marketing HERE
  • Customers want it to be easy. You can read more about that HERE
  • Dipti says ”step one is to respect the bounds of privacy that the customer has established.” You can learn more about the importance of customer privacy HERE