What’s In A Name?

Josh sits down (virtually) with Jen Grant, the CEO of Appify and former Marketing Manager at Google, to talk about the companies she’s worked with, the power of building your brand into your products, and when to rebrand a company.

Without a Good Brand, it Doesn’t Matter How Good Your Product Is

In this episode, Josh and Jen challenge some common ideas, like the thought that building a company comes before building a brand, and the belief that if a product is good enough, it will sell itself. 

In reality, a brand is the most valuable thing you can invest in, even for your product quality.

Digging Deeper

  • Jen is the CEO of Appify, a custom-app builder
  • Some may not have recognized it, but Google was always focused on creating a distinct visual brand. You can read more about the history of Google’s look HERE
  • Building a brand isn’t something to focus on someday down the road. It’s something to invest in now. You can read more about that HERE
  • A rebrand is a make-or-break decision – and execution – for any company. You can read about some of the most successful rebrands HERE