Lamphouse // Thaddeus Stevens

A campaign to make trade school cool again

Thaddeus Stevens helps equip the next generation of tradespeople in Pennsylvania. Their graduates go on to work in masonry, automotive tech, computer administration, cabinetmaking, and other careers that require elbow grease and ingenuity.

LampHouse helped the college recruit new students—and reframe their brand promise—through a series of films that defy stereotypes. Poignant and grounded, the campaign exchanges the expected trade-school scenes (cue construction workers with clipboards) for beautiful closeups and candid interviews. The message: trade school is a legit choice, not a last resort.

Films with something to say

LampHouse created short marketing films for the college that define new and authentic ideas about who they are. Using expressive cinematography and tight editing, the films show how Thaddeus Stevens grads get to work immediately—and collectively build just about everything.

We Build Everything


No script required

For a series of 26 films advertising the school’s programs, we put students (not actors or administrators) in the spotlight. The concept is relatable to the next gen, and appeals on an authentic and honest level.

Architectural Technology

Water & Environmental Technology

Computer & Network Systems Administration

“You thought of everything so that I didn’t have to. I could keep…doing my job, and I knew that the entire time I was away everything was running smoothly and operating efficiently.”

Tracey Dukert
Digital Marketing & Communications Director, Thaddeus Stevens

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