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Films that build momentum

Many home remodels drag on for months. West Shore completes most projects in one day. They use technology to simplify the process, and take customer service super seriously.

Not surprisingly, the company’s been growing. Fast. When LampHouse started working with them, they had one location in Harrisburg, PA. Now they’re the third-largest home improvement company in the U.S. We’ve been their perceptive—and nimble—creative partners, helping them adapt their messaging at every stage. From commercials to company videos, we’ve developed feature-quality pieces that position them as a next-level name in home improvement.

A commercial, but better

“What does your home say about you?” is a high-caliber concept that fits the national brand West Shore has become. It’s an ad campaign that feels like a film—with fluid cinematography, ambitious scenes, and a strong narrative arc.

Recruitment & Internal videos

Films to bring people together

When you’re a company on a rapid growth curve, you always have new employees. We brought our long-term understanding of West Shore to bear through short internal films that set the tone for company culture.

“LampHouse is extremely responsive, extremely timely, and really collaborative in the process.”

Josh Wood
Chief Development Officer, West Shore Home

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