Send a Rose: Acts of Community in a Difficult Time

What Do You Have To Give?

If there was ever a time for sharing whatever you have to offer, it’s now. Individuals and companies in our community and everywhere else are showing their generosity and ingenuity, pivoting to give what they can to help others in this time.

Clothing companies are making facemasks, distillers are making hand sanitizer, and gyms are providing free childcare to medical workers. Everyone sharing what they have to give, and what we have to give is filmmaking. We’ve always maintained that films are one of our most powerful tools for effecting positive change. They can switch a community’s outlook from dispair to hope. They can inspire good behavior. And they can encourage the discouraged.

In the Covid-19 pandemic, Lancaster’s shutdown, and the ensuing joblessness and uncertainty, we saw a call to practice what we preach. We decided to make a film featuring the leaders of our city, sharing their plans and hopes, as our offering to our community.


A film is what we had to offer, but we wanted to start something bigger. We wanted the film to be a rallying cry for kindness and solidarity, something an entire community could embrace. 

To symbolize small acts of kindness, we used the phrase “Send a Rose,” referencing The Red Rose City – our hometown of Lancaster.  

Our hope is that the idea spreads, drawing Lancastrians together in this time.

We Are All In This Together

Whether you’re reading this down the street in Lancaster, or around the world, this is a time for us all to pull together. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, and to encourage each other. To create hopeful things, to lay the groundwork for what we want to work on when this is over.

This is our attempt to do that. It’s not a mask or hand sanitizer. It’s certainly not medical work. But we hope it helps in its own way.

Encouraging Stories

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